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Darkshipping Fluff AIM Smex RP

School couldn't let out early enough was what Atemu was thinking as he pounded along the sidewalk, running home as fast as he could. His aibou had introduced him to that thing called "AIM" recently, and while he thought it was rather useless since most of the people he had on his buddy list he saw every day in real life... and then he met him.

He had been bored one night before bed, and decided to do a search for people that wanted to talk over the damn program. The screen name, Ivory Wings, had popped out at him almost right away, mostly because the profile didn't give a location, so he couldn't know if the person lived nearby or not.

Their conversations had started out casual at first, the usual "how was your day?" kind of thing. After a while, Ivory mentioned that he liked to roleplay. Always up for trying new games, Atemu was more than happy to play with him... And then one time their game got serious... sexually serious... to the point that when they were done, the pharaoh had found his hand a bit sticky...

He flushed slightly at the memory. Since then, they had just abandoned characters all together, and roleplayed themselves, often ending up in situations that left sleeping a bit difficult afterwards. It was better than porn, though not as good as sex... well, real sex anyway.

Atemu burst into the Game Shop, saying hello to 'jii-chan, before barrelling upstairs and flopping down in front of his computer. Bringing up AIM showed Ivory was already online way ahead of him. Excellent!

Darkly_Drifting: Hey, Ivory; you around, or is AIM acting whacky again?
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