Jack Atlas' personal handler ;: 3< (mistressminako) wrote in mindlessmemoirs,
Jack Atlas' personal handler ;: 3<

AtemuxRyoh RP

Tears leaked out of Ryoh's closed eyes as the men carrying him threw him on the floor with less grace then the would show an animal. He righted himself quickly and managed to get up against the nearest wall.

He'd been stealing a loaf of bread and been caught. He cursed his captors as they'd thrown him in a cage and was rewarded with the vilest food and drink he'd ever been force-fed. On the block this time, he'd been sold to another noble or court official. The feirce bidding by the commonfolk had been haulted and he'd been pulled off the block to be cleaned before being thrown to a horse and...to his mild surprise, been ridden to the Pharaoh's grand palace. So they wanted him to do the current Pharaoh. Whatever.

He'd been cleaned up again, and redressed. Then deposited in this cool, dark room by guards that had much more brawns then brain. He looked up when the door opened and the light spilling in was blocked by a body.
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