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Taking Care of Zee Pharaoh (Open?)

Atemu glared up from behind his book, trying to decide which person he loathed more at the moment: Bakura, tomb robber and general pain in his ass, or his "sweet", "lovable" aibou.

It had been a few days ago. Yuugi had conned him into taking over at the shop, something he had been loath in doing in the first place, even before he found out exactly what he had to do that day: restock shelves. Normally he wouldn't mind, but the last time Jounouchi had been over, he had decided to "break dance" with their stool, and the poor thing hadn't been the same since. Granted, he didn't weigh much, but apparently it was enough, because a few times up and down that stool and it broke faster than wind.

Hence his current predicament: stuck in bed for the past week, with a wad of plaster as thick as his arm around his leg. The pharaoh was irritable enough as it was; he did not need to hear on top of everything that had happened, Yuugi was leaving him with a "baby sitter" while he went out to the movies with friends.

His choice of baby sitter was what had Atemu glaring too. Of all the people under Ra's Eye, WHY did it have to be BAKURA?!

"Eh heh heh..." Yuugi laughed nervously at his other half's dangerous glare, slowly backing up and out of the room. "W-w-well, h-have a g-g-good t-time you t-two."

He looked like he was going to bolt, but he paused, turning back to them. "Try not to destroy the house," he said, before taking off as quickly as his two legs could carry him.
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