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roleplaying session 1.0

Walking along a grungy dirty street, Legis looked up at the sky, long thin eyebrows furrowing together in an expression of concern. The sky was unusually grey together, which was relatively odd, considering that he was currently in a colony in space. There was either something wrong with the weather centers, or something wrong with the government. The centers, he could understand, but the government. 'Ah, that's such bullshit,' the aqua haired teen thought as he sauntered through the grime. His mechical arm clicked softly as he moved, ruby red eyes searching for anything to catch his interest. Legis was bored, bored and horny. He needed to find someone, anyone to quench either desire. He stepped forward, a long metal rod in his mechanical hand, blinking as he heard some shuffling close by.
"And what might that be..?" he mused quietly to himself before approaching the foreign identity.
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