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Taking Care of Zee Pharaoh (Open?) 
11:23pm 04/09/2005
mood: PAIN!!!
Atemu glared up from behind his book, trying to decide which person he loathed more at the moment: Bakura, tomb robber and general pain in his ass, or his "sweet", "lovable" aibou.

It had been a few days ago. Yuugi had conned him into taking over at the shop, something he had been loath in doing in the first place, even before he found out exactly what he had to do that day: restock shelves. Normally he wouldn't mind, but the last time Jounouchi had been over, he had decided to "break dance" with their stool, and the poor thing hadn't been the same since. Granted, he didn't weigh much, but apparently it was enough, because a few times up and down that stool and it broke faster than wind.

Hence his current predicament: stuck in bed for the past week, with a wad of plaster as thick as his arm around his leg. The pharaoh was irritable enough as it was; he did not need to hear on top of everything that had happened, Yuugi was leaving him with a "baby sitter" while he went out to the movies with friends.

His choice of baby sitter was what had Atemu glaring too. Of all the people under Ra's Eye, WHY did it have to be BAKURA?!

"Eh heh heh..." Yuugi laughed nervously at his other half's dangerous glare, slowly backing up and out of the room. "W-w-well, h-have a g-g-good t-time you t-two."

He looked like he was going to bolt, but he paused, turning back to them. "Try not to destroy the house," he said, before taking off as quickly as his two legs could carry him.
11:23pm 03/09/2005
mood: anxious
Crimson eyes stared up at the sky, an armor plated hand tapping against the cold stone walls that surrounded Peterny. Sitting on one of the high walls, Albel Nox closed his eyes and let out a soft sigh. It had been a couple of days since his confession he had made before recieving the sword of the crimson scourge. Mixed feelings had welled up inside him since then, a strange sort of relief, an anger at himself for admitting such things, and a sense of pride for being man enough to follow through with such a confession. His mind's eye quickly formed an image of the only one who had been witness to that, aside from the king of Airyglyph, Fayt Leingod. The leader of their so called party, this strange weapon of a boy. Boy indeed, the blue haired teen was barely reaching the edge of his teen years, but he was tall and lanky, seeming not to be quite so hardened as Albel himself had been. Of course, the Captain of the Black Brigade wasn't so ripped himself, but at least he had some muscle beneath his skin... Opening his eyes once more, Albel's gaze fell upon the road below, a slight smile on his lips as he remembered his meeting with Fayt a few weeks past. Despite his outward attitude, he had been touched in a way by the boy's reply. To think that he didn't hate him for all he had done, perhaps people from other worlds had evolved beyond hatred and grudgery.

Have you ever concentrated as hard as you can on something and yet no matter what it will never be as clear as a picture in your head? Red eyes were supposed to be cruel and cold, and Fayt wasn't going to deny that of Albel, but he couldn't lie and say that was all he saw in those depth-less pools. There was a deep sadness there, one that was only ever allowed freedom in the swing of a blade. And, recently, there was something that was akin to respect, at least when the captain of the Black Brigade was paying attention to Fayt. There was a note of pride when Fayt thought about the fact that the older man seemed to have eyes only for him. Wasn't that troubling enough though, along with everything else that was going on, the blue haired boy had to consider the fact that he might be infatuated with another man? He was not naive nor innocent, he knew what lust felt like and it was something hauntingly similar to the feeling he got when Albel's gaze crossed his own. He was at the edge of town now, having officially gone on a pointless tour of the town. (He wasn't really looking at it.) Since Albel had joined his party, his once clear ambition and steadily beating heart was a bird flapping madly for it's life. As every moment went by, drenched it crimson eyes, proud smirks and the most seductive voice he had ever heard, Fayt was starting to fight less and less against those words in his head.
Albel Nox...Lust...
Was there even a difference between the two anymore? Fayt was imagining his crumbled body on the battleground, bleeding and beaten and realized that if that was a metaphor for how he felt for Albel, he could imagine no better place to be. And, it was to be his secret.

Albel's sharp gaze fell down to the corner of the road, seeing a familiar blue haired head bobbing towards him, "Fayt," he whispered, pushing himself up straight, the clank of metal against stone echoing throughout the relatively narrow corridor. Cursing inwardly, Albel stood up, flexing the muscles in his good hand, his long wrapped up tails of hair waving slightly in the breeze. His hand rested on the hilt of his katana, ready to draw the blade at any given chance. As he saw Fayt wandering around and felt a lightness growing in his chest. He snarled softly and pushed it down, feeling slight bewilderment as to why he felt such a thing.

It hadn't really occurred to Fayt that the object of his troubled worship was in the area. He hadn't consciously been looking for him, so what led him out here? "I should get back," he murmured, more to keep him out of his daze. The sun was setting and he still had supplies to get before meeting the rest of his party members back at the inn. Something was nagging at the back of his mind though, a crude longing that made him hesitate. The already near empty streets were now empty as everyone returned back to their homes for evening supper. No doubt Nel and Cliff were somewhere within the inner depths of the city, doing just that. But, where was Albel? What would he be doing while families laughed and ate and drank together. He would be alone somewhere, probably thinking more than he should, probably angry and hurting and cursing anyone who dared to look at him with an ounce of pity. He would have to be cursing Fayt then too, because he could not make his heart turn away from the captain. With more than a little hope he waited to hear or see any sign of the man, and after a few minutes, his heart sunk to his stomach, and so he found his footing in the twilight and started towards town. He wished he could give something for Albel to come back too, but he knew he never would be. Why should it? Albel loathed "maggots" like him. Maggots that cared and with that threatened to break that hardened wall.

"Hey maggot," Albel called, half-lidden gaze staring down at Fayt as he hopped down from his rooftop perch with ease. Landing next to the leader of the group, the swordsman stared down at Fayt, eyes soft once again for that foreign reason. Had he been developing feelings for this boy unwittingly?

With a sigh, Fayt acknowledged the older man's presence, keeping the sudden swell of heat in his chest and stomach down to a minimum. "Hello Albel. I hope you're heading back to the inn, we're supposed to meet up with the others soon," he said, ignoring his "nickname" with much practice. Though he ached to take steps towards the man, he swallowed and took a few steps back. He had been fine with accepting the fact that he wanted Albel...that is until he was standing right there before him on an empty street where dark shadows painted everything and no one was around to hear the sound of screams...
He had to stop thinking like that, it was getting out of hand, "I-I have to get going, I need to get supplies..." Fayt murmured, wiping the sweat on his brow off with a gloved hand. Albel's eyes were still as red as ever and still bore through him. Even in the dark, he was afraid that this beautiful man, this predator, would see straight through him. He felt as if he was naked and wearing lust on his skin like a perfume. If he didn't get out of here, a confession of his own would be in order.

"You went shopping today already," Albel said in his deep toned voice, eyes scrutinizing over Fayt's expression and form. He had to call the boy's bluff, the captain already knew exactly what Fayt was avoiding. He himself had been guilty of the crime, but he most certainly wasn't going to be making any confessions... not again. Albel stepped over to Fayt, grabbing at the teen's wrist with a clawed hand, the cold metal sending shivers up Fayt's arm. He smirked, crimson eyes lighting up in a primal sort of expression. It was predatory, dangerous and deeply seductive to one attracted to that sort of look. Waiting for the boy to reply, Albel rested his other hand on his hip, fingers tapping...
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Sugar High BAT!!!! 
05:34pm 03/09/2005
mood: chipper
Atemu hummed softly to himself, taking quite a liking to this baking that Yuugi had introduced him too. He did not care much for the candy bars and other such confectionaries his aibou was always consuming like it was going out of style, but treats like the sugar cookies he was making were just perfect for him.

He turned slightly, sliding off the batch he had just made onto a cookie sheet to cool off, before going back and putting more of the dough on the tin and sliding it into the oven. Okay, so he was just a little preoccupied; he was really enjoying himself.
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chat sucks balls 
09:36pm 30/08/2005
mood: frustrated
The king of thieves adorned himself with a thick shawl to hide his stark-white hair. It was a characteristic he both hated and loved. It was something wild, untamed, something unique. Something to be different about. But that was just it. It was different, and very easy to identify. He looked to his partner in crime, "Malik, come on, you've got to hurry up if you want to keep this appointment," he said to his blonde haired companion.

Sighing with a note of frustration, the Egyptian pulled the faded maroon cloth over his face and lowered his head, hiding dark ringed eyes and blonde hair. In his hand was clutched a large bag with an assortment of things inside. He hefted it up on his shoulders and with one look around him, silently stepped to his companion. They were both different, him and Bakura, the same strange eyes and wild hair. However they acted nothing alike. Bakura was outgoing, flamboyant in his own way while Malik was quieter, a little less straightforward. Together, they worked as a good team.

Atemu sat upon his throne, as always, trying to conceil the fact that he was bored out of his skull. It was the same routine everyday: wake up, be pampered, and deal with "life threatening situations" that only the pharaoh himself could deal with. Right. Sighing softly, he nodded to his advisors, permitting them to allow the merchants that were paying the palace a visit to enter. Perhaps he would actually be able to find something simple for himself among their wares... it would be a nice change.

Bakura glared at Malik for a brief moment, hoisting up his own bag and making his way into town. He moved with this natural grace, a smoothness that only a thief could have. The wrap covered his head and half of his face, wary about the scars on his cheek. His lilac eyes gazed around at the people, kicking at a goose that happened to be in his path. The palace wasn't too much further, and they had to make their time. Smirking, Bakura was granted passage by the guards and he moved past them, sending a secretive wink to Malik.

The blonde caught the wink and returned it with a small smirk, eyes shining before he quickly lowered his head again. He was a servant, so he had better act like one, the sway in his hips ceasing as he dragged his feet, back hunched and rags allowing only the floor to witness the excitement on his face. If there was any misconception about him and Bakura working on the same level, it would be suspicious. He knew the routine, it was well practiced, now he had only to follow Bakura's orders and if the cards played out well, he would be theirs.

They were ushered in almost immediately, admonished for making the pharaoh wait. Advisors spoke for the pharaoh of course; Atemu was not allowed to grace mortals with the sound of his voice in court. It irritated him to no end, but there was nothing that he could do about it from his position. They were told to desplay their wares before the pharaoh as soon as they approached the throne.

Bakura pulled the bag from off his shoulders, opening it and revealing several strange looking trinkets. Some seemed to be rudimentary machina, some more like complicated boxes to keep jewelry in. He looked up in the accepted manner and spoke to the pharaoh, "Your highness, these are but some of my wares," he said, smiling once again, "The other bag," he said, gesturing towards the one his servant carried, "Will only be shown under special circumstances," he explained. Looking up to the crimson eyed king, Bakura licked his lips from behind the scarf, "Anything of interest..?" he asked.
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Zoo RP (no beastiality.... XP) 
07:04pm 28/08/2005
mood: exhausted
Atemu looked about; he was not panicking. He was a pharaoh, he never panicked. It wasn't that big of a deal. He was only lost... in a zoo... with lost of animals around... Okay, so it was a little bad. He just had to keep away from the animal pits and cages and join back up with Yuugi and the others and he would be okay...

Oh, yes, and avoid the stampead of small children pelting toward him.

He jumped out of the way... big mistake. Being the klutz that he was, he easily lost his balance. A whack to the back and then the head and sliding down in the dirt later, Atemu found himself staring up at blue sky.

"Oooohhhh..." he muttered sitting up...

...just as he heard a growl behind him.

Oh shit...
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role reversals are really ridiculous 
06:26pm 25/08/2005
mood: awake
Being the ruler of Khemet really was a boring job to Pharaoh Bakura. He pursed his lips and crossed his legs, much to the High Priest Set's chagrin. The same old thing, passing laws, watching the harem girls dance, hearing the report of the crops and livestock. It really was getting on Bakura's nerves. Being Pharaoh had always been his dream when he was little, but now that the job was his and his father wasn't there, the white haired king wasn't too sure.

"Set, I'm going to my room, don't bother me," he said offhandedly before rising from his throne and starting to walk to his chambers.

"But your highness, it isn't pro-" High Priest Set was cut off as the pharaoh gave him a snort of derision.

"I'm King, here, I do what I want," he growled before storming off. Flopping down on his bed, Bakura looked up at the silken screen that hovered over the top of his bed, "Some life..." he muttered to himself, rolling his lilac colored eyes and placing a hand over the scars under his right eye. He hated and loved those scars, he had gotten them when his father was showing him around the parts of the palace he hadn't visited before. Tripping over something, he fell down the stairs and right into a spiny bush that clawed him up good. They were ugly to him, but he liked them because they made him seem much more wild than he actually was.

"Feh, why can't something interesting happen?" he groaned, kicking his legs up into the air.
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AtemuxRyoh RP 
08:38pm 23/08/2005
  Tears leaked out of Ryoh's closed eyes as the men carrying him threw him on the floor with less grace then the would show an animal. He righted himself quickly and managed to get up against the nearest wall.

He'd been stealing a loaf of bread and been caught. He cursed his captors as they'd thrown him in a cage and was rewarded with the vilest food and drink he'd ever been force-fed. On the block this time, he'd been sold to another noble or court official. The feirce bidding by the commonfolk had been haulted and he'd been pulled off the block to be cleaned before being thrown to a horse and...to his mild surprise, been ridden to the Pharaoh's grand palace. So they wanted him to do the current Pharaoh. Whatever.

He'd been cleaned up again, and redressed. Then deposited in this cool, dark room by guards that had much more brawns then brain. He looked up when the door opened and the light spilling in was blocked by a body.
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Egypt Smut 
04:24pm 23/08/2005
mood: devious
There were times Atemu wished he was dreaming. He knew he was a heavy sleeper; it was one of his major faults, which was why there were more guards outside his bedroom door than any other pharaoh that came before him. Given his current situation, though, it was obvious those guards hadn't been enough. He had been stuffed into a bag -- a BAG! -- and if the galloping sound and the way he was bouncing was any indication, he had been tied so he was hanging near the ass end of a horse, no doubt riding off into some obscure place in the desert. Trying to shout would have been pointless, even if he hadn't been gagged. His hands were free, though a lot of good it did him; trying to kick and punch at the horse ass only seemed to encourage it to go faster.

When he got out of this damn bag, he was going to murder the fool stupid enough to make him suffer this indignaty!
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Darkshipping Fluff AIM Smex RP 
01:20am 23/08/2005
mood: bouncy
School couldn't let out early enough was what Atemu was thinking as he pounded along the sidewalk, running home as fast as he could. His aibou had introduced him to that thing called "AIM" recently, and while he thought it was rather useless since most of the people he had on his buddy list he saw every day in real life... and then he met him.

He had been bored one night before bed, and decided to do a search for people that wanted to talk over the damn program. The screen name, Ivory Wings, had popped out at him almost right away, mostly because the profile didn't give a location, so he couldn't know if the person lived nearby or not.

Their conversations had started out casual at first, the usual "how was your day?" kind of thing. After a while, Ivory mentioned that he liked to roleplay. Always up for trying new games, Atemu was more than happy to play with him... And then one time their game got serious... sexually serious... to the point that when they were done, the pharaoh had found his hand a bit sticky...

He flushed slightly at the memory. Since then, they had just abandoned characters all together, and roleplayed themselves, often ending up in situations that left sleeping a bit difficult afterwards. It was better than porn, though not as good as sex... well, real sex anyway.

Atemu burst into the Game Shop, saying hello to 'jii-chan, before barrelling upstairs and flopping down in front of his computer. Bringing up AIM showed Ivory was already online way ahead of him. Excellent!

Darkly_Drifting: Hey, Ivory; you around, or is AIM acting whacky again?
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roleplaying session 1.0 
12:29am 12/08/2005
mood: creative
Walking along a grungy dirty street, Legis looked up at the sky, long thin eyebrows furrowing together in an expression of concern. The sky was unusually grey together, which was relatively odd, considering that he was currently in a colony in space. There was either something wrong with the weather centers, or something wrong with the government. The centers, he could understand, but the government. 'Ah, that's such bullshit,' the aqua haired teen thought as he sauntered through the grime. His mechical arm clicked softly as he moved, ruby red eyes searching for anything to catch his interest. Legis was bored, bored and horny. He needed to find someone, anyone to quench either desire. He stepped forward, a long metal rod in his mechanical hand, blinking as he heard some shuffling close by.
"And what might that be..?" he mused quietly to himself before approaching the foreign identity.
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My test 
03:17am 12/08/2005
mood: dorky
I am... a spork!!
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testing testing, one two three 
11:57pm 11/08/2005
mood: devious
...I am a sandwich.