Skyla Doragono (skyla_doragono) wrote in mindlessmemoirs,
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Zoo RP (no beastiality.... XP)

Atemu looked about; he was not panicking. He was a pharaoh, he never panicked. It wasn't that big of a deal. He was only lost... in a zoo... with lost of animals around... Okay, so it was a little bad. He just had to keep away from the animal pits and cages and join back up with Yuugi and the others and he would be okay...

Oh, yes, and avoid the stampead of small children pelting toward him.

He jumped out of the way... big mistake. Being the klutz that he was, he easily lost his balance. A whack to the back and then the head and sliding down in the dirt later, Atemu found himself staring up at blue sky.

"Oooohhhh..." he muttered sitting up...

...just as he heard a growl behind him.

Oh shit...
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